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Custom 3D printed Blue Snowball desk stand

I wasn’t happy with the original Blue Snowball microphone desk stand, so I designed and printed a new one

Introducing, an all-new, super-sleek Blue Snowball microphone desk stand!

Blue snowball microphone on the new stand Closeup of the blue snowball stand showing the threads

It’s very nice Will, but why?

The Problem

Blue Snowball microphone in the way of my monitor

I inherited a unwanted Blue Snowball from an old employer several years ago, and it’s been a really fantastic addition to my day to day kit, especially as the number of video calls has increased in recent years. The only problem I had with the microphone started when I upgraded my monitors to some portrait orientation screens. These come almost all the way down to the desk, and as a result the (in my opinion rather ugly) original Blue Snowball microphone stand rather got in the way, even at it’s shortest setting.

Blue Snowball microphone lying on it’s side

I was able to “fix” the problem of the microphone being in the way by laying the microphone flat. This wasn’t ideal, it took up a lot more room, looked bad, and made it sound like I was lying down. Still, it worked for long enough.

The Solution

I’m always looking for a problem where the solution is “3D print something”, and this seemed like a perfect fit. An hour with Fusion 360 later and I had a stand I liked.

Blue snowball microphone on the new stand, side view Blue snowball microphone on the new stand, front view

I’m really happy with it, it fulfils all the criteria I had when I started designing it, and I’m particularly happy with the way it looks:

I’ve uploaded the STL files for you to print yourself. There’s the v3 design which is the one I use, and the v5 design. The two versions are very similar, the difference is only that the v3 version has a curved underside, and the v5 version has been designed to not require a support structure while printing. V3 is my preferred version and is probably less prone to wobble.

If you are printing these yourself due to the fine thread you will likely want to use a fairly high quality print setting.