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Will's YouTube sailing channel recommendations

I started watching YouTube sailing videos in about 2014 when I discovered Sailing la Vagabonde. I’d never really considered that sailing was something I could be interested in, I didn’t know anything about it at all. I remember being on holiday with my wife in Greece a few times and seeing sailing yachts moored up in the harbours, and I think there was a curiosity about the boats, and the people eating what I probably assumed were fancy lunches on them. I must have seen yachts in the sea, or in harbours or marinas, but I don’t really remember. They were just part of the view, not something to be interacted with. A different world. Billionaire bosses and boat shoes.

Anyway, I ignored sailing, and sailing ignored me, until one day a cooking show I watched linked to la Vagabonde. I was suddenly given a peek behind the curtain, a view into a previously unknown world and I was pretty curious, so I kept watching. These people seemed… normal, approachable. I started to consume the la Vagabonde back catalogue, and was curious if there were more people making these videos. A quick google later and I’d found Delos, and after a couple of tries (their early videos were hard to get through) I started working my way through their back catalogue too, and so started my interest in sailing that has lasted 8 years, and has now seen us buy our own boat.

Over those years I’ve gathered a number of YouTube subscriptions and figured I’d share them here, save people having to dig through the less great content out there to find some gems.

Some of these are pure sailing, some more “lifestyle” sailing. I like each for different reasons. Some I tolerate and only watch when I’ve run out of other stuff, but see what you like. Bear in mind not everything these people do is a good idea, but it’s a pretty easy way of immersing yourself in the scene without any outlay.